What does this even mean?  Simply put, I work with you to create a coherent strategy for your wines in the UK.  Including;

  • Sales and Marketing - Assist in creating a robust sales and marketing strategy, from the perspective of a UK Buyer
  • Retailer Insight - Develop strategies to make brands more appealing to UK retailers or wholesalers.  Advice on building and enhancing existing relations with UK retailers and importers
  • Industry Intelligence - Provide key insights to assist in improving market penetration
  • Blending - Creating new or improving existing wines, specifically for the UK market and customer palate.  Styles individually tailored to fit the right target market
  • NPD - Advising on concepts, wine styles and packaging for new brand launches
  • Route to market - Advising on how and where to position your wines in the UK to maximise sales potential
  • Creating a clear channel plan
  • In the UK already?  Are you working with the right people?

By working closely with you or your export team, we can create the best plan to help you to sell more wine.